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2018-02-02 20:51:17
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ortho perio management of gummy smile

female patient 28years old ,come in consultation for an aesthetic problem,she not like to discover her gum int he smile,associed with the ortho problem,we diagnosed the passive altered eruption clIB (COSLET), the aesthetic crown lengthening was performed ,after gingivectomy,a full flap was reclined ,osteotomy and osteoplasty were performed  to improve biological width ,the result after 3months,and immediatly after ortho treatment 

Dr. el ouchdi
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Comentarios (2)
el ouchdi, fethallah
03-02-2018 08:25
your words of encouragement push me towards more efforts, I would be happy and grateful if you help me post them on face book, because I have no more access to my account thanks alot master
Fernández, Juan Alberto
02-02-2018 21:41
I am surprise, and believe that´s not easy. I admire your versatility, your inexhastible effort, and as i have said in others comments: your talent

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